Ricky Gardezi


Ricky Gardezi joined TSS in 2000 as Managing Director. In his role Ricky is committed to ensuring that TSS deliver service excellence and continuous improvement to our clients whilst we continue to be the Employers of Choice for our employees. As a result Ricky pushes his Senior Leadership Team to always deliver a quality service, honestly to our clients. Ricky is also a great believer in developing talents from within, consequently, he remains focused on mentoring and developing members of the wider team. In his new role as Chairman, Ricky’s focus now shifts towards the exploring new growth opportunities, potential acquisitions, and the provision of additional complimentary security services for our customers.

Jamie Caplin


Jamie Caplin joined TSS in 2002 as Financial Controller. Jamie comes from a Accounting and Audit background. Due to his dedication and commitment, Jamie was promoted to Finance Director in 2007 and is responsible for the our in-house Accounts, Payroll, & Procurement Departments. Jamie is also our Company Secretary and one of TSS’s longest serving employees. In his current role of CFO, Jamie also partners with our Chairman to explore new growth opportunities and acquisitions.

Raj Chadha


Raj Chadha Raj Chadha joined TSS in 2012 to provide the business with IT support. As a result of his dedication and commitment in 2013 he was promoted to IT Manager, and then again in 2014 to IT Director. Raj continued to develop with the business and is now responsible for our IT Department, Change & Innovation Team, the development of our industry leading Head Office in London, and management of our facilities Nationwide. Raj has played a significant role in future strategy of TSS along with other members of the Board for some time and as a result was appointed as IT & Commercial Director in 2017 and in May 2020 stepped into his current role of CEO.

Brendan Musgrove


Brendan Musgrove joined TSS in June 2020 as Managing Director. A seasoned MD, with a vast range of experience from across the sector, Brendan has been managing facility management-based businesses for 15 years, such as for Rentokil Initial and Interserve. For the last five years Brendan was Managing Director of the security guard firm Cordant Security, a part of the larger Cordant services contractor. Brendan has also held management positions in the logistics and leisure sectors and holds an MBA to match his operational experience.


We provide a variety of services nationally and deliver locally via our regional offices.


We provide security guarding and associated security services for a broad range of sectors.

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